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How To Know Whether Your Flat Roof Needs A Repair Or a Complete Replacement?

Is your flat roof showing signs of aging? Some of the common causes of damage to roofing include storms and impact. If you notice damages or the aging of your roof, you may be wondering whether to seek repairs or replacement services. When evaluating whether to do some repairs or replacing your entire roof, you need to consider several factors, including flat roofing solutions. Here are some of the key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

How Old Is Your Roof?

The most important consideration when deciding whether or not to get new roofing is your roof’s age. The lifespan of different roofing materials varies, but none of them can last forever. Some flat roof materials such as EPDM last between 20 and 25 years. Some of the factors that affect the lifespan of a roofing system include quality and maintenance. When a roof reaches its maximum lifespan, repairing it may not offer value for your money as it can only extend it for a few years. If it’s aging, it’s time to invest in new roofing.

Are You Paying High Energy Bills?

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of flat roofing materials is that they enable homeowners to save energy. When quality materials are installed in your property, they’ll help keep the air heated or air-conditioned, which translates to a significant reduction in energy bills. If you notice a substantial increase in energy bills and cannot establish any other cause, the roofing may be the problem. When a flat roof gets too old or gets damaged, it has a reduced ability to insulate your home. In such cases, a section of the roofing needs repairs, or the entire roof needs to be replaced.

Roof Leaks

Leaks in your flat roofing can cause massive damages and losses, and you should act fast if you identify the problem. If you notice that water is coming through the ceiling, it means moisture is finding its way in through damaged parts of your roof. Taking quick actions may enable you to repair the damaged areas and stop the leaks. If the problem is not rectified early, your roof could be severely damaged and may require a full replacement.

Which Signs Should You Look out for?

Damaged Flashing

The flashing is a crucial part of a flat roof, but many people tend to overlook it. If there are damages to a flashing, your roof will experience severe moisture damages. However, if you seek professional help early, it can likely be easily repaired.

Blisters and Cracks

If you notice cracks on the membrane of your flat roof, it’s time for a replacement. If the damages are as a result of exposure to sunlight or high temperatures, consider seeking replacement services for the membrane.

Pooling Water on Your Roof?

One of the obvious signs that your flat roof needs replacement is standing water. The roofing materials are slightly sloped to ensure proper shedding of water. Pooling results in damages due to the buildup of moisture.

Is There Impact Damage?

Severe weather may cause dents on your flat roof. If the impact damage only affects a small section of the roofing, a patch repair can solve the problem. Whether you need repairs or replacement services, consider contacting a Ainger Group for your flat roofing solutions. We’re here for you!