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Founded in Collingwood, Ontario, Ainger Group is a family-owned and operated company, which services the Georgian Triangle. The company has grown exponentially and is delivering roofing solutions in Midland to meet the demand for our services.

As an industry leader in roofing solutions, Ainger Roofing works with both commercial & residential roofing projects. Using only the best products & highly skilled technicians with years of experience.

Our services range from roof repair, roof maintenance, roof replacement. Our roofing contractors are adept on metal, flat & sloped roofs. We offer home siding, fascia & eavestroughs, blown-in attic insulation, and when required emergency services.

Step one in protecting your home from the elements should be roof maintenance. Our roof inspection team will conduct both an external and internal roof inspection, and it’s overall supporting systems and inform you if the integrity of your roof is intact and operating to its capacity.

If it’s determined upon completion of your roofing inspection that your roof needs to be replaced, we will formulate a solution for your roofing project that will suit your needs. The age of your roof plays a very important factor in assessing whether or not you will need a full roof replacement for your home. In some cases with the evolution in roofing systems technology, a replacement may be far more cost-efficient than approaching your specific. problem with a series of temporary or smaller fixes.

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    Blown-in Attic insulation is vital to any roofing system. Up to 40 percent of the heat loss in your home can be directly tied to inadequate attic insulation. Ainger Roofing offers a top-up program of blown-in attic insulation. Our advice to customers is to top up their insulation during their roof replacement project. If you decide that a top-up of blown-in attic insulation is all you require then our roofing contractors will blow insulation in through inside access to the attic.

    Our roofing contractors reliably provide emergency roofing service in Midland and local services areas. Call us at 705-444-5712 to shop for the ultimate roofing solution in Midland from the best in the business. We offer all our customers a free estimate that comes with no obligations and in-house consultation from our experts

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