What Happens When You Ignore A Roof Leak?

As your roof ages and endures more wear and tear, it’s going to be more susceptible to problems. It’s part of the reason why it’s important to stay diligent with any roofing maintenance over the lifetime of your roof, and regular inspections and repair are certainly something that qualified roofing contractors can assist you with. One of the most common – and damaging – issues associated with roofs is leaks. In this post, we’ll talk about common sources of roofing leaks and why you shouldn’t ignore one:

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Roof Leaks

Like we said in the opening, roof leaks have the potential to cause a great deal of property damage. When a roof isn’t adequately protecting your home from the outside elements, it means that these elements are entering your home. That means that water and moisture is likely coming in through your attic, and if the leak isn’t resolved in a timely manner, it could damage ceilings and drywall as well. In addition to material damage that is caused by a roof leak, it may also lead to subsequent mold growth. Mold growth doesn’t just add to the damage, but its presence can also be hazardous to the health of you and any other household occupants. Some common side effects of mold exposure include more intense allergic reactions, shortness of breath, headaches, skin irritation and more.

Furthermore, ignoring a roof leak is going to cost you more money in repair – and possibly property damage restoration and mold remediation – in the long run. It’s why you should act immediately when you notice there’s a problem.

Common Roofing Problems (and How Roofing Contractors Can Help)

Curious what roofing issues may be contributing to a leak? Here’s a look at some of the most common causes:

  • Cracked or damaged flashing: Flashing installs under the shingles and around the likes of skylights, vents, chimneys and more to fully seal the roof. However, if the flashing is cracked or damaged, water can pass through them and leaks can occur.
  • Damaged shingles: Whether they’re warped, cracked or missing, any issue with the shingles means your roof isn’t likely adequately protected. This can have far-reaching consequences.
  • Clogged gutters: If water runoff isn’t draining properly from your roof, it’s going to back up and potentially seep into your property. Leaks can also form in the winter months if ice dams form and prevent proper drainage.
  • Old age: Like we noted in the opening, the older your roof gets, the more maintenance it’s going to require. Roofs don’t last forever. In fact, a standard asphalt shingle roof usually lasts for about 20 years before replacement is necessary.

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