4 Signs You Might Have Attic Insulation Problems

Although it is well known that heat rises, attic insulation problems tend to escape detection time and time again. When homes seem to lose their heat faster than the furnace can produce it, many seem to look at the insulation in the walls or the heating system itself for a sign of a problem. And come up empty-handed, of course, as the issue is more than likely in the attic instead. Thankfully, the four following signs can point you in the right direction, potentially saving much time and money in the process.

Pests Have Made Themselves at Home

Scratching, squeaking, and rustling noises from overhead all point to a pest problem in your attic — and indicate your attic insulation is likely in need of immediate attention. Rodents and other problematic pests wreak havoc on the insulation and even run off with it.

Over time, these nuisances can leave you with much less blown-in attic insulation than you had before, allowing heat to escape rather quickly. Unfortunately, the pests will very rarely follow suit without help from a pest control expert.

Mold and Mildew Runs Rampant

Whether you have blown-in attic insulation or fiberglass batts, mold and mildew can rear its ugly head at any point. All it takes is inadequate vapor barrier allowing water to leak into the attic and soak into the insulation.

Once that happens, mold and mildew quickly start to take over, which can cause health issues over time if left to grow and thrive. Replacing the vapor barrier and adding an air seal can help reverse this problem, though it may also be necessary to replace the affected insulation.

Blown-In Attic Insulation Looks Uneven

When the temperatures in your home do not match the output of your furnace, you might want to take a quick peek in the attic to see if you can spot the problem. If you are lucky, you might just see that the insulation has settled unevenly, leaving certain areas without coverage.

Of all the problems you could have with your insulation, this one is the easiest to solve. Simply have your insulation professional come through and redistribute the material or even add a bit more to thin areas. With that, your home can better retain heat, keeping you comfortable through the winter and beyond.

Freezing Temps Bring Ice Dams and Icicles

Another way to find out if your attic insulation is not performing at its best is by taking a quick peek at the roof. If you notice any ice dams or icicles forming anywhere along your rooftop, then you can assume the insulation is in dire need of attention.

The ice dams and icicles form as the snow melts away, and then refreezes along the edge, indicating uneven insulation and poor airflow. Your roofing pro can help resolve this issue by installing soffit vents, bulking up the insulation, or both, depending on the unique needs of your home.

Whether you spot the problem right away, or need a little help figuring it all out, you can reach out to your trusted roofing team at Ainger Roofing for assistance. Just give us a call at 705-444-5712 to resolve your attic insulation problems and keep your home at just the right temperature year-round.