5 Benefits of Choosing Metal Roofing for Your Business

Is it time to replace the roof on your commercial property? Perhaps you want to simply explore your options for the years ahead. Either way, metal roofing can bring a variety of benefits to your business. As one of the area’s leading commercial roofing companies, the team from Ainger Roofing has helped many in the community update the roof of their businesses. They’ve collected some insightful information for you here about why commercial properties are opting for metal roofs these days.

Here you’ll find five benefits of installing metal roofing on your commercial business.

Reduced Costs

Hiring a commercial roofing company to install a metal roof may seem like quite an investment up front. However, due to the reduced maintenance they require, many often save money in the long run. Metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years, much more time than the average asphalt or bitumen roof commonly used in commercial settings.

Fire Resistance

Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing is fire-resistant. This is often a big attraction for business owners who want to ensure their staff and clients are as safe as possible. If you’re concerned about fire hazards or operate a commercial or industrial warehouse where there’s an increased risk of fire, hiring a metal roofing contractor can put your mind at ease.

Environmentally Friendly

Another aspect of metal roofing that might attract some business owners is that the materials used can all be recycled at the end of their lifespan. Not only does metal roofing not require using more scarce natural resources, but it’s also much more durable and creates less waste. The average asphalt roof has to be replaced around every 10 years, causing much more waste.

Energy Efficiency

Since metal roofs can be treated with special, reflective paint, they’ll minimize the impact of the sun’s UV rays on your facility. This can help ensure you stay cool during the summer time and don’t lose any energy due to a rise in temperature from the roof.

Weather Resistance

Metal roofs are much more durable than other materials, especially when it comes to adverse weather conditions. Metal roofing will keep all the water out and won’t fall victim to warping or rotting due to excess moisture. Even if it suffers slight hail damage, it’s easy to replace a few panels here and there.

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