How Metal Roofing Cuts Waste & Improves Energy Efficiency

It might not seem like it at first glance, but metal roofing has many benefits over alternative roofing materials. That’s why more homes and businesses are choosing to enlist the services of a metal roofing contractor. As one of the area’s leading residential and commercial roofing experts, Ainger Roofing is no stranger to the benefits of metal roofing, so they’ve shared some of them for you below.

Here are a few reasons why metal roofing has become so popular nowadays.


One of the primary reasons why metal roofs are such a favorite these days is because they drastically cuts down on waste and doesn’t drain our natural resources. This is because most metal roofs are constructed from at least 40% recycled materials, and are themselves completely recyclable. This means that they rarely end up in the bottom of a landfill, unlike asphalt roofing tiles, 11 million tons of which the EPA estimates winds up in the trash.

Increased Reflectivity

Another great characteristic of metal roofing is that it’s much more reflective than other roofing types. This means that with the right metal materials and paint job, you can drastically increase the energy efficiency of your facility. Air escaping through your roof is one of the biggest losses of energy for homeowners and businesses alike. However, with metal roofing, depending on the color you paint it, it could offer anywhere from 10-75% reflectivity. This can translate into big energy savings for some business owners.


In addition to being constructed with recycled materials and reusable if properly maintained, metal roofs also last much longer than other alternatives. Metal roofs can last upwards of 60 years, as opposed to the 15-25 years asphalt and slate roofs last. This means that those who invest in metal roofing can rest assured they’re creating much less waste, in addition to minimizing the need for the costly labor and maintenance required by traditional roofing systems.

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