A barrie home in need of roof repair

Why You Should Start Planning Your Fall Roof Repairs Today

As a prudent homeowner or business owner in Barrie, you are aware that it’s crucial to keep up on roof repairs. A small problem now that’s causing a minor leak can quickly grow worse, requiring more time to repair and costing you more.

For many individuals, the first sign of trouble with their roof occurs during the fall or winter, when the temperature starts to plummet and there are heavy rains. They discover their roof is leaking and try to arrange an appointment for repairs. But with many other people noticing leaks themselves, businesses are flooded with calls.

Bringing in Professionals for Roof Repair Near Barrie Before Winter Arrives

If you’ve been looking for the best roof repair Barrie has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Ainger Group, a family-run business in the Georgian Triangle area has been serving the local community for more than 25 years now.

Business owners and homeowners alike will be glad to know that The Ainger family follows industry best practices when it comes to roof repairs. We work efficiently, always measuring twice and counting once to get the job done right on time, the first time, and within the budget you established.

Examples of Roof Repairs to Consider Now Before Fall Arrives

A roof is a complex system that protects people from the elements and ensures that the building will remain structurally sound. It deserves ongoing attention, with regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspections. That’s the key to identifying problems when they’re smaller, easier to address, and cost less to repair.

* Shingles: The shingles are subject to wear and tear from the elements, including snow and rain and the pounding ultraviolet rays from the sun. It’s a good idea to have a professional look at your roof’s shingles in case any repairs are needed.

* Skylights: With a lovely skylight to admit plenty of sunshine, your home or place of work will be all the more pleasant. You might have a skylight that is in need of repair or replacement. Put that at the top of your to-do list and contact the Ainger Group for a repairs appointment as soon as possible.

* Soffits: Soffits, such as the aluminum models offered by Kaycan, are a time-proven method to apply a nice-looking finish to a home. They come in different gauges, depending on the strength needed. You want soffits because they promote good airflow along with the roof space. That’s essential for keeping things dry and avoiding mold growing in your building.

In addition to soffits, people also install fascia to keep the roof drier. And if you lack a good working eavestrough, you’ll need one installed or repaired as soon as possible. They direct rainwater from the structure, to discharge safely on the ground (such as into a rain barrel).

Beating the Rush, to Request Barrie Roof Repair ASAP

As aha insurance noted, because winters are so brutal in Canada, it’s just not practical to begin work on your roof during this season. It’s best to arrange for this work in the summer. That’s when conditions will be drier, making it easier for the crew to fix your roof.

What’s more, as we get closer to winter, more homeowners and business owners will notice they have a leak, making it harder to get an appointment for service.

Make an Appointment for Roof Repair in Barrie Today!

There’s no time like the present to bring in professionals to take care of your home’s roof. At Ainger Group, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up in the local community for offering roof repair Barrie residents know they can depend on. Since 1990, our professional roofers have been providing service to residences as well as organizations ranging from Walmart, Home Depot, Blue Mountain, and the Department of National Defence. To learn more about our approach to roof repairs or to request a free, no-obligation quote on your job, please connect with Ainger Group today.