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Why Is Metal the Most Environmentally-Friendly Roof Type

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more environmentally friendly, there are small changes you can make — and big ones. When it comes to your roof, for example, our Collingwood roofers are often asked what roofing material is the most environmentally-friendly.

To this, our response is always the same: metal.

What Makes Metal so Environmentally-Friendly?

When speaking in terms of the environment and sustainability, experts often call metal roofs “cool roofs.” Though not all metal roofs can be considered sustainable cool roofs, these days, most are.

Cool roofs have several environmental advantages in addition to looking clean, sleek, and attractive.

First and foremost, cool metal roofs are able to deliver high solar reflectance. In other words, they don’t absorb the sun’s light and energy and heat up significantly as a result. To the contrary, cool roofs are able to scatter the sun’s light and energy, reflecting it back into space instead of absorbing it.

What good does this do, you ask?

Lower energy bills and a cooler earth

In the summer when the air conditioning is on, increased light and energy reflection will reduce your energy bills significantly. This is because the lack of sunlight absorption and subsequent reflection doesn’t allow your house to retain that excess heat. On a grander scale, the reflectiveness of a cool roof prevents another type of warmth retention as well — global warming.

Yes, in effect, cool metal roofs can keep both your home cool and the earth cool — thus, its amazing eco-friendly advantage.

Increased durability

In addition to reducing heat retention, it’s important to note that cool roofs are also typically much more durable than traditional roofs. This is something uniquely prized during the tumultuous weather endured by many Ontarians. With harsh winters and intense summer storms, it’s important to have a durable roof that can withstand the elements.


Lastly, longevity is another critical aspect to consider for your roof, and metal roofs consistently outpace the competition in this realm. Whereas traditional shingle roofs tend to last about 10 to 25 years, metal roofs reliably last two to three times that. They’re even easy to maintain, requiring little if any upkeep.

Can I get a government grant for an environmentally-friendly metal roof?

It’s possible. In Toronto, for example, an eco-roof incentive program does exist, and other areas of Ontario and Canada appear to be leaning in the same direction. We recommend having your home assessed for possible environmental improvements. There are so many eco-friendly architectural options and features out there, but sometimes it takes an expert to introduce the concepts and options.

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