Why Have Metal Roofs Increased in Popularity?

If you’ve been noticing more and more homes and businesses these days utilizing the services of a metal roofing contractor, you’re likely wondering what all of the fuss is about. Over the years, the professionals from Ainger Roofing has seen an increase in the number of metal roofs they install annually. They wanted to share some reasons behind this boost in popularity with you.

For those considering roof replacement services or are curious to learn more about metal roofs, here’s some insight for one of the area’s leading metal roofing contractors.

Provides a Lifetime Roofing Solution

Many that use traditional asphalt or slate shingle roofing materials have to replace their roof multiple times (an average of every 15-20 years or so). However, metal roofing can drastically exceed that average with the right maintenance and proper roofing installation services. The possibility of a roof that will last for a lifetime is extremely attractive to new homeowners.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The roof of your home drastically impacts energy efficiency, especially during the summertime. This is because heat passes through your roof and into the home. However, metal roofing is designed to reduce heat gain inside the home by being more durable and containing much-needed airspace in between your roof and roof deck. This cools your attic down and can often drastically reduce energy costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Another reason many are now opting for metal roofing rather than more traditional materials is that they’re constructed using recyclable materials with less of an environmental impact. This helps you avoid the need for sourcing natural resources like wood or slate. For homeowners concerned about their environmental footprint, the energy savings and reduced environmental impact are attractive.

Boost in Home Value

Because of the growing popularity of residential metal roofing, installing a metal roof will also often give your home a boost in resale value. This is because their reduced maintenance, coupled with the energy savings and other reasons mentioned above often makes homes with metal roofs a hot commodity to homebuyers.

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