When Is Roofing Season?

Your home’s roof is one of the most essential components of your structure. It not only helps boosts your home’s curb appeal but keeps the inside dry and critters at bay. However, in Ontario, it’s not possible to work on roofs year-round. The cold temperatures, as well as the snow and ice, make it impossible to replace a roof or do most repairs during winter.

Why there is a roofing “season” in Canada

The most important reason that roofing companies stop working during the winter months is that it’s just too dangerous to be working on a roof that’s slippery with ice and snow. In addition, cold temperatures make roof shingles brittle and hard to manage and make it difficult for adhesives to adhere.

Conversely, many roofers charge a premium for working in the heat of the summer, when temperatures atop an asphalt roof can easily reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

When does roofing season start in Canada?

In general, the roofing season begins in spring as the temperatures start to warm. Ideally, the temperature should stay around 50 degrees for roofing materials to function as they should. However, spring rains can hamper roofing projects and may cause your new roof installation to be delayed until the weather clears.

In Canada, roofing contractors tend to be less busy in the spring than they are later in the year. That’s because they have yet to fill their schedules at the beginning of the season.

Roofing emergencies

While there is definitely a seasonality to roofing, if you have a roofing emergency, you should call your contractor right away and not wait until the weather warms. This includes things like leaks, having a tree fall on your roof or ice dams causing rainwater or melting snow to enter your home under the eaves. Many roofing contractors will still handle emergencies during the winter or at least provide a “fix” that will carry you through until they can finish the job in the spring. However, you are likely to pay a premium for a winter emergency roofing repair or replacement.

Working with our Roofing Company Owen Sound

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