What You Need to Know About Soffit and Fascia

When you think of roof components, you’re probably familiar with shingles, eaves, vents and chimneys. You might not be as familiar with two important roof components known as soffit and fascia. These parts of your roof help your home interior stay safe from the elements, including cold air and rain. Knowing more about these components can help you determine if you need new roofing in Barrie or roof repairs.

What Is Fascia?

Fascia is the part of your roof that connects to the rafters. You can see fascia under your roof edge at the points where your gutters and roof connect. Fascia is made of durable wood that is made to hold up to all kinds of adverse weather conditions. This helps ensure that it lasts through storms, temperature fluctuations and other kinds of weather. Fascia needs to remain in good condition in order to continue protecting your home from the elements, as well as other threats, such as pests.

When problems develop with fascia, such as wood rot, this creates openings that allow water and outdoor air to enter your home. This can lead to water damage and also make your home uncomfortably cold in winter or hot in summer. Having gaps in your fascia also makes it possible for bugs, mice, rats and wildlife to get into your attic, where they can cause damage to your home or spread germs.

What Is Soffit?

Soffit is the underlying surface of your roof that you can see below fascia. This surface typically has tiny openings, which help keep moisture from building up in your attic and causing damage and mold growth. These openings also help prevent your attic from becoming too hot and allow proper airflow, which helps your home feel more comfortable. Soffit design helps improve your home’s indoor air quality, resulting in healthier air for you and your family. Soffit is usually made from materials that are water-resistant, such as vinyl.

Soffit damage, such as deterioration or tears, can create larger openings that pests can enter. Damage to this part of your roof can also allow moisture and water to get in, which can result in mold and water damage in your attic. Having damaged soffit can also let more outdoor air into your attic, leading to a colder interior in winter or a hotter interior in summer.

Soffit and Fascia Maintenance

Keeping your soffit and fascia in good shape is an important part of protecting your home interior from the elements and pests. Routine roof maintenance and prompt repairs are effective ways to ensure your soffit and fascia are able to protect your home. Roofers should inspect these components of your roof and make repairs as needed when doing roof maintenance. Keep in mind that you should have maintenance done once or twice every year.

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