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What to Know About Green Moss on Your Roof Shingles 

Having green moss growing on your roof can give your house an unsightly appearance that affects its curb appeal. However, moss can do more than affect the way your roof looks. Having moss growing on your roof can also damage your shingles and lead to more severe roofing problems. Find out why you might need roof repair in Barrie when you have a moss problem.

Roof Damage from Moss

When you see moss growing on your roof, it’s important to have it removed. If moss growth is left untreated, it can end up causing damage to your shingles. Moss grows in patches on roofs and can eventually grow under shingles, causing them to buckle or curl. In order to protect your home from water damage, roof shingles need to be flat. When they’re raised or curled due to moss growth, this can let water and moisture seep through your roof. This can lead to mold growth inside your home, as well as wood rot that can cause structural problems. When moss continues to grow on your roof, keep in mind that it won’t stop. Instead, you’ll end up with a widespread moss problem on your roof.

How to Handle Moss on Roofs

Removing moss from a roof can be tough without the right equipment. Using certain methods or products, such as pressure washing, harsh chemicals, or scrubbing, can cause damage to your roof. Since this task involves being up on your roof, there’s also a risk of being injured. While cleaning solutions for moss growth are available, you should leave this task to roofing professionals. Expert roofers have experience removing green moss and are able to do it while following safety measures to prevent slips and falls. When you rely on professional roofers, you can expect your roof to be moss-free and protected from damage. Hiring roofers to remove moss also lowers your risk of voiding your roof warranty.

Tips to Prevent Moss on Roofs

You can take steps to stop moss from growing on your roof. Keeping your trees trimmed allows more sunlight to reach your roof’s surface, which discourages moss growth. Moss needs moist conditions to grow. With more light hitting your roof, moisture won’t become trapped under overhanging tree branches. Cleaning out your gutters, especially after storms, also helps prevent moss growth. Debris in your gutters can create a moist environment that allows moss to grow. You should also have debris removed from your shingles after storms or have professional roof cleaning done. This helps keep your roof clear of debris that could lead to moss growth.

Moss and Roof Replacements

If you know you’re going to need your roof replaced, keep in mind that this should include having moss-covered shingles removed. Placing a new roof on top of your old roof when moss is present can lead to severe roofing problems. Your roofers should take off your old roof and make any repairs that are needed, such as in areas that have developed wood rot, before installing your new roof. Once your new roof is in place, you should work on preventing moss growth.

Find Reliable Roof Repair in Barrie

If you need help with green moss on your roof shingles, please contact us. Our roofers can remove moss and make any repairs needed if your shingles have been damaged.