Aice build up on a roof highlighting the possible need for attic insulation in barrie

What Icicles Tell You About Your Home’s Insulation

Icicles may look beautiful, but they are a warning sign that your home’s insulation is not up to par. When you see icicles forming outside of your home, it could be an indication that there is too much heat escaping from inside your house and not enough insulation in the exterior walls to keep it in. Let’s explore what icicles mean and why they point to poor insulation in your home, and see if you need to upgrade your attic insulation in Barrie this winter.

How do Icicles Form?

Icicles are created when heat escapes from inside your home and encounters the cold winter air outside. This can cause parts of your roof or gutters to become warm, which allows snow and ice on top of them to melt. As water slides off the edge of your roof or gutter, it refreezes into icicle-like formations as it meets the cold air again. You’ll see a similar phenomenon on many cars, as the sun can heat the metal and cause the snow to melt, but the air is still cold enough to freeze it once it loses contact with the vehicle. 

Poor Insulation Is the Cause

The main culprit behind these icicles is poor insulation. If you have enough insulation in your walls and attic, then this should not be happening during cold winter months. It’s important to make sure that all wall cavities are filled with high-quality insulation material such as fiberglass batting or blown-in insulation so that no heat escapes from within. This will ensure that both inside and outside temperatures remain separate, thus preventing icicles from forming around your home. This keeps your heating bills down, lowers the risk of injury from falling icicles, and can extend the lifespan of your gutters. 

Testing Your Attic Insulation in Barrie

If you suspect there may be issues with your home’s insulation, one way to tell for sure is by having an energy audit done by a professional contractor or energy efficiency expert. During an energy audit, technicians will use specialized equipment to measure air leakage and assess the overall condition of your home’s insulation system—including any potential areas where air may be leaking out or cold air coming in. They can also help identify which parts of your home are most affected by poor insulation and recommend solutions such as adding more insulating material or sealing off cracks or gaps around windows and doors. 

Icicles may seem harmless at first glance but they are actually a telltale sign that something is wrong with your home’s insulation system. Poor insulation can lead to expensive energy bills as well as potential structural damage if left unchecked for extended periods of time. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it’s crucial to inspect your home for proper attic insulation in Barrie on a regular basis and take corrective action if necessary. Doing this will help you save money on energy costs while also keeping those pesky icicles away! Contact us today for your free estimate.