Collingwood roofers removing old shingles to prepare a roof for a new installation

Top 5 Factors that Determine the Cost of Roof Repair

Your roof is one of the most significant investments you can make in your home. So, when a storm blows off shingles or a branch falls on your roof, you want to take care of it quickly and thoroughly without having to pay any more than necessary for the repair. Determining the cost of a roof repair can be somewhat tricky. There are a myriad of factors that come together to determine what your roofing contractor will charge you. If you’re looking for Collingwood roofers that you can trust and rely on, contact Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors.

The top five factors we take into account when estimating the cost of a roof repair

1. The roof type. The materials needed for your roof are a large part of the total cost. Obviously, repairs to an asphalt shingle roof are going to be less expensive than repairs to a clay tile or metal roof.

2. The slant and pitch of your roof. Not all roofs are created alike, and some are more difficult to work on than others. A repair on a very steep roof requires extra safety protocols and will generally take longer to complete. A repair on a uniquely-shaped roof will also likely take more time and thus cost more money.

3. The size of the area that needs repaired. Of course, the larger your roof damage, the more materials and time it will take to repair it.

4. Whether there are skylights and chimneys in the area that needs repaired. Any feature that breaks the plane of the roof makes the repair a little more complicated. These areas, such as around chimneys and skylights, need extra attention and flashing so that water doesn’t seep into your home where the chimney or skylight meets the roof.

5. What type of permit is required. Depending on the size of your roof repair, we make need to apply for a building permit from your city or township. If so, the cost of that permit will be added into the cost of the roof repair. In most areas, however, permits are only needed for roof installations, not repairs.

Working with our Collingwood Roofers

At Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors, we aim to take the mystery out of roofing repair estimates. Our skilled and experienced Collingwood roofers will give you a detailed estimate of your needed roof repairs, so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay your invoice. We’ll also work with your insurance company for covered repairs and help to reduce the paperwork and hassle of an insurance claim.

To learn more about roofing repairs and to get a free estimate for your home, contact Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors at (insert contact info). We’ve been helping homeowners like you with their roofing installations and repairs since 1990.