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The Benefits Of Blown-in Attic Insulation in Barrie

If you’re looking to boost the energy efficiency of your home, one of the best places to start is by insulating your attic. And when it comes to attic insulation, blown-in insulation is superior to traditional insulation in a number of ways. Ainger Roofing specializes in superior blown-in attic insulation in Barrie, ensuring that your home will be well on its way to higher efficiency in no time.

Why Is Blown-In Attic Insulation Better?

1. Blown-in insulation is more energy-efficient. 

Traditional insulation is made of fibreglass fibres that are all the same size. This means that there are large gaps between the fibres through which heat can escape. Blown-in insulation, on the other hand, consists of small fibres that fit snugly together, creating a tight seal that helps hold heat in and keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. As a result, blown-in insulation is more effective at preventing heat loss than traditional fibreglass insulation.

2. Blown-in insulation is less expensive. 

While the initial cost of blown-in attic insulation may be higher than traditional fibreglass insulation, it’s important to remember that energy efficiency impacts your monthly payments. This means that you’ll actually save money on your energy bills by investing in blown-in attic insulation, even though it’s more costly up-front. In addition, because blown-in attic insulation is so effective at sealing off your attic space, you may also see a reduction in your home insurance rates. 

3. Blown-in attic insulation is easier to install. 

Installing traditional fibreglass insulation can be a messy and time-consuming job. But because blown-in attic insulation doesn’t require any batting or rolls, it can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your home. In fact, most blown-in attic installations can be completed in just one day! Plus, because there’s no need for special equipment or training to install blown-in attic insulation, you can even do it yourself! Simply add the desired amount of blown-in attic insulation to your Attic Cat machine, turn it on, and let the machine do all the work for you as it evenly distributes the material throughout your space.

4. Blown-in attic insulation provides better coverage.

When installing traditional fibreglass batts or rolls, there are often noticeable gaps and spaces left uncovered. But because blown-in attic insulation is sprayed into place using an Attic Cat machine, it provides complete coverage with no gaps or spaces left uninsulated—ensuring that your home is as energy-efficient as possible!   

5. Blown-in attic insulation is more environmentally friendly. 

Because blown-in attic insulation inserts roofing cement, it seals off drafts and air leaks more effectively than other types of insulation does, preventing any toxic particles from escaping. Traditional fibreglass insulation traps these harmful particles in its fibres, which could eventually find their way into your indoor air. However, because blown-in does not require any batting or rolls, it suppresses quick oxygen transport to allow easy dry down and solidification on wet substrates. This limits the spread of any toxic particles throughout your home and helps create a healthier indoor air quality for you and your family.  

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing blown-in over traditional types of insulation. Not only does it provide better coverage and last longer, but it’s also more energy efficient and easier to install. So if you’re looking for an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, consider investing in blown-in attic insulation in Barrie with Ainger Roofing!