The 5 Most Common Vinyl Siding Problems

Vinyl siding looks great and adds curb appeal to your home. But it isn’t just about keeping your house nice for the neighbors, it’s also important for practical protective reasons. Siding also protects your house from the elements and keeps out pests. Siding today is highly durable, mildew resistant and insect-proof.

While wood siding used to be considered higher quality, newer vinyl siding has improved over the years to be more durable and less prone to fading or cracking. But, when your vinyl siding starts to get older, you will notice certain problems do tend to occur. These common issues are signs that it is time to replace that old siding.


Over time, the damaging sun will fade your vinyl siding. Certain parts of the siding will be more exposed to direct sunlight and fade faster than parts that are in shadier areas. This can make the siding tones look funny and inconsistent. This is a cosmetic issue, but fading can also lead to brittle siding that cracks.


Cracked siding can occur when things hit the siding or when it becomes brittle and gives way over time. Tree branches can cause cracking if they scrape against the sides. Balls, rocks or other hard objects could cause cracking if they hit the siding. In bad storms, winds can cause objects to strike siding, creating cracks or missing pieces.

Warping and Buckling

If your siding wasn’t properly installed, warping and buckling can occur. Siding has to be installed in a way that allows for movement because it shifts with the temperatures. As the siding expands, it has to have room to move or it will buckle. You can test this by checking to see if your siding is able to shift about ½” either direction. If not, your siding may be too tight and need to be reinstalled.


If the siding isn’t installed correctly, it won’t keep out water. The vinyl itself should protect a waterproof barrier underneath (the vinyl itself shifts and isn’t waterproof). If moisture gets beneath that barrier, it can lead to rotting, leaking or mold.

Denting and Chipping

Damage can occur when things hit the siding and cause marks that don’t lead to missing or cracked planks. Denting or cracking is more of a cosmetic issue that will cause your home to look older and a little worse-for-wear.

Replacing Your Vinyl Siding

If you have siding issues, replacing them as soon as possible ensures they don’t lead to bigger issues. Hire an expert to help from Ainger Group and get your siding back into shape. Call us at 705-444-5712 or complete our contact form to link your free consultation now!