Roofing DIY vs. Hiring a Professional: Why You Shouldn’t DIY Roofing Repairs 

You may think you can save a bit of money by doing DIY roof repairs, but that’s a really bad idea. Here are a few of the top reasons you should work with a professional roofing company in Owen Sound rather than tackling the job yourself.

Roofing Is Dangerous Work

Roofers work in one of the most dangerous occupations. Accidents happen at more than twice the rate of all other construction jobs.

Even if you’re comfortable with standing on your rooftop, it doesn’t mean you know the proper way to move around and mitigate dangerous conditions. Pros have extensive training on safety procedures and the right equipment to keep them safe.

It can be challenging to detect soft spots or weak spots on your roof. If you step in the wrong place, you can damage your roof and cause injuries.

It Can Void Your Warranty

Most roof installations will carry warranties from the product manufacturer and the roofing company that did the work. If there is a problem or defect, it’s best to let a professional handle it for you. If you do repairs yourself, you may void the warranty and leave yourself unprotected in case of future damage.

You Might Have Insurance Claims Denied

If you have water damage, insect damage, or other conditions that force you to file an insurance claim, it may be denied because you failed to properly maintain your property. If your insurance carrier knows that you did the repairs yourself, it may even cancel the policy.

You Can Miss Problems

Not all roofing problems are solved by simply replacing a shingle or redoing the flashing around a chimney. There may be bigger underlying problems that require repairs, such as mold, mildew, rot, holes, and structural damage that can not be obvious. Professional roofers know what to look for and how to do the necessary repairs to keep your home protected.

You Might Create Other Problems

If you don’t know the right way to walk around a roof and properly distribute your weight, you can easily crack shingles or damage the roof. Lack of experience in applying shingles can also cause problems. For example, when you’re nailing shingles, you’re putting holes in your roof. If they are not sealed properly, you could create bigger problems, such as water damage that leads to more expensive repairs.

It Might Not Look Good

If you don’t do a great job, your roof may not look great and can detract from the look of your home. It can also diminish the curb appeal and your home’s value if you ever want to sell. Making sure your roof looks aesthetically pleasing, getting all the shingled tacked down properly, and getting them aligned so they’re straight, takes an experienced contractor.

You Might Not Save Money

One of the main reasons people attempt DIY roof repairs is to save money. However, DIY may not be as cost-efficient as you think. Professional roofing contractors buy materials, tools, and products in bulk and have long-standing relationships with suppliers. They get better rates, so they can pass those savings on to you.

Get the Job Done Efficiently

If you’ve got a leaky roof or exposed wood, you need to get it fixed to avoid more damage. Experienced roofers will also work more efficiently, so the job will get done right and quickly.

Work with Roofing Repair Experts

If you’re looking for a roofing company in Owen Sound, contact Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors today. With decades of experience, we’ll get the job done right and make sure your home is protected for years to come.