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Metal Roof Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Properly installed metal roofs provide durable, energy efficient protection for modern homes and businesses. Compared to asphalt roofs, metal roofs often last upwards of 50 years and can withstand the elements far better, requiring less overall upkeep and repair. Still, there are several maintenance steps you should follow to ensure your metal roof preserves optimal protection and curb appeal. Here’s how to care for your metal roofing in Barrie.

1. Trim back nearby tree branches

Storms and rough winds can easily down branches on nearby trees — some of which may land on your roof and cause damage. Even small issues that only start out as cracks or dents can end up causing further harm to your roof later on. Therefore, it’s best to avoid tree branch contact with your roof altogether. It’s best to let a landscaping or tree service company help you with this job.

2. Check for cracks and other penetrations regularly

Although rare, water damage is one of the top threats to a metal roof, and it is often caused by seams, cracks, and other surface damage that are left unrepaired. To check for this type of damage, where water leaks may occur, give your roof a once over at least a few times every season — paying particular attention to roof features like skylights and vents.

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3. Periodically check for corrosion

Similar to liquid water damage, steam damage is also a threat to your roof as it can cause corrosion over time. This often happens in areas where excessive heat rises — such as over your kitchen cooking area, near air conditioners and heating vents, and around chimneys. Check these areas often for corrosion.

4. Don’t allow water pooling or debris collection

It’s critical that snow, rain, and debris be able to run off your roof with ease. When any of the above begins to pool or collect, damage can occur by way of corrosion, rust, rot, and mold. Whenever you see debris collecting or water pooling, have it cleaned immediately.

5. Keep the gutters clean

At least two times a year, be sure to check all of your gutters and clean out any sticks, leaves, sediment, or other buildups. High winds create particularly bad conditions for the buildup of debris, so if you live in an area where you get a lot of wind, be sure to check your gutters even more frequently. By keeping your gutters clean, you can prevent water leaks and sagging channels that put stress on your roof. Clean gutters also prevent damage to the façade and overall foundation of your home.

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