Little Known Facts about the Best Attic Insulation in Barrie

Blown-in attic insulation in Barrie is the one thing that can make a significant difference in how comfortable you are in your home, among other things. However, many people don’t give much thought to their attic’s insulation; therefore, it is forgotten and breaks down into nothing over time.

What Is the Best Attic Insulation in Barrie?

We believe blown-in insulation is your best bet for many reasons. More about those reasons in a moment.

Blown-in insulation is capable of blanketing every square inch of your attic, including hard-to-reach corners, underwires, cables, and other components in your attic. It’s also made from cellulose fibres or fibreglass. That means it is partially made of recycled materials which are good for the environment. And, it has a great R-value, retains its loft, and resists the flow of heat.

What Is R-Value?

R-value is the term that’s used for the insulating performance of your (in this instance) insulation. The R-value measures the resistance to heat flow and is generally determined by the insulation’s thickness. So, the higher the R-value, the more insulating power it has. And because of that, it’s always best to purchase the highest R-value you can afford.

The Benefits of Blown-In Attic Insulation

There are many benefits of blown-in attic insulation in Barrie. In fact, Owens Corning Atticat Pink Blown-In Fiberglas Insulation will do more than just keep your home warm and dry this winter.

  • It will improve the energy efficiency of your home, which saves on your utility bill (up to 15-20%).
  • Regulates the temperatures in your attic, which helps prevent the buildup of condensation.
  • It won’t absorb moisture, so it helps prevent mould growth.
  • It’s noncorrosive and Energy Star rated.
  • It is non-combustible.
  • It gives your home a higher resale value.
  • Blown-in attic insulation doesn’t settle, so it maintains its insulating power over time.
  • It’s less appealing to rodents because it’s made of loose material that falls in on itself.

How Is Blown-In Attic Insulation Installed?

Blown-in attic insulation is typically installed by a two-member crew. One crew member will move around spraying the loose insulation around the attic and into the various cavities using a blower hose. The other crew member will be on the ground operating the blower unit either from inside or outside your home. This crew member will feed the bags or bales of cellulose into the machine (hopper) while controlling the air mixture and keeping the hoses blowing consistently and freely.

The crew members will continue layering the insulation until there is a layer of thickness that achieves your desired R-value. If there is already insulation in your attic, the crew will install your new insulation on top of your existing insulation.

What’s Next?

If you are ready to insulate or update your attic insulation or just want a little information first, please contact us today for your free estimate. We are a family-owned business and have been highly respected members of this community for 30 years. Give us a call, we can do it all; big or small attic insulation in Barrie.