Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Winter storms, ice, windy conditions and other winter weather can cause damage to your roof. A damaged roof leaves your home interior vulnerable to water damage from leaks, which can lead to expensive repairs. Preparing your roof for winter can reduce the risk of damage this season. Take the following steps to protect your roof from winter weather, and make sure you schedule prompt roof repair in Barrie if you do have any damage.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters should be free of debris to allow melted snow to flow to the ground. Otherwise, this snow can freeze and form ice, creating blockages in your gutters. These blockages can prevent water from getting through the gutters and away from your house. Instead, you can end up with water seeping into your roof and attic, especially when it snows this winter. Leaves, branches, and other debris should be removed from your gutters as part of your preparation for winter. This helps ensure that your gutters will be free of blockages, allowing melted snow to move through them.

Use Heating Cables

Winter weather can cause ice dams and other problems that affect your roof. These problems can raise the risk of having leaks and moisture damage occur in your roof and attic, which can lead to widespread water damage in your home. Having heating cables installed on your roof helps lower the risk of ice dams and other winter roof problems. These cables are designed to melt snow so that it doesn’t stay on your roof and freeze up. You can have these heating cables installed around the edges of your roof to make sure snow doesn’t accumulate on it.

Add Insulation

Your attic might not have enough insulation, which can make your home feel colder in winter and raise your heating bills. If you’re unsure about the amount of insulation your attic should have, professional roofers can help. You can have roofing experts check your attic to determine if you have enough insulation or if you should have more added. These experts can also help you figure out which type of insulation to add and how much. With the right amount of insulation in your attic, your roof won’t leak heated air this winter.

Schedule Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is among the most effective ways to make sure your roof is ready for winter. Professional roofers can carefully check your roof for any signs of damage you’ll need to have fixed before winter arrives. Having these problems found now helps reduce the risk of ending up with major damage this winter from storms and freezing temperatures.

Contact Us for Dependable Roof Repair in Barrie

If you need your roof repaired this winter, please contact Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors. Our experienced roofing team provides timely repair services for homeowners in and around Barrie. We can also perform maintenance to help ensure that your roof is prepared for winter.