Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Winter weather brings snow, sleet and ice that can wreak heavy damage on unprepared roofs. From maintenance to roof repair, in Barrie preparing for the weather that’s to come is essential to ensuring that your roof stays in good condition. Here’s what to do.

Repair Any Damage

Before considering any maintenance or upgrades, first make sure that any current damage is properly fixed. Making roof repairs in Barrie becomes much more difficult once snow starts flying, so it’s ideal to get done in fall or early winter. If there is damage that’s not attended to before winter weather strikes, though, find an experienced roofer who can make a repair in winter.

You don’t want to let a damaged roof weaken and/or leak all winter. The damage will only be more extensive and more expensive to fix once spring comes.

Clean Out the Gutters

Gutters are meant to carry water away from your home, but they often become clogged with leaves, twigs, nests and other debris. Clogged gutters don’t just not properly channel water — they also can cause issues with the edge of your roof and create leaks.

The weight of a clogged gutter can begin to pull at the edge, and the problem will only get worse once undrained water freezes into ice. If it hasn’t been done yet, clean out your gutters or have a roofer do so on the first semi-pleasant day that’s above freezing.

Additionally, a roofer can install gutter guards that go over the channels. They’ll allow water to drain properly, while keeping out the debris that causes clogs.

Put On Heating Cables

Over the course of an average winter in Barrie, around 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) of snow will accumulate into hardpack. The weight of all this snow places a significant strain on both residential and commercial roofs, if the snow and ice isn’t regularly removed.

There are several ways to remove snow and ice from roofs:

  • Roof Rake: Use a long pole with a “rake” to pull roof and ice down, without hitting yourself.
  • Chemical Pucks: Chemical pucks that will melt snow/ice can be thrown onto roofs, but getting these placed properly is often difficult (especially on high roofs).
  • Heating Cables: Heating cables are an easy, safe and effective way to melt snow and ice. They’re installed onto a roof, and then turned on to heat up whenever there’s a significant storm.

A professional roofer should be hired if you want to install heating cables. They’ll know what types of cables to use and where to place them, so you achieve maximum effectiveness.

Hire Professionals for Roof Repair in Barrie

If you want heated cables or need roof repair in Barrie, Ontario, contact us at Ainger Group. We’ve been working on roofs in the region for more than 30 years, including in winter. We’ll make sure to get yours in shape for the season’s weather.