Installing Attic Insulation In Barrie Homes Is A Good Thing

Is it really necessary to have attic insulation in Barrie houses? Absolutely! Reducing energy consumption is good for the planet and your budget. It is so important that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the new Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative in 2021 that allows eligible homeowners to get $5000 in grant money to retrofit their Barrie residence. Here’s what you need to know about attic insulation and how to get it installed.

Attic Insulation Choices Matter

Any material that provides resistance to heat flow from the interior to the exterior of your home will to some degree reduce energy costs. However, local building codes may require certain types or quality of insulation in your Barrie home. It is vital to work with a reputable installation company to ensure you get the proper type, quality and amount for your particular home to get the maximum energy efficiency lift.

Ainger Roofing specialists know that “Your roof is what protects your family, or your business.” That’s why protecting your roof with insulation is so important. Balancing the airflow is critical. With the proper amount of insulation, your roof shingles do not prematurely age from excessive heat release and snow and ice sloughs off, preventing damage not just to the roof, but to the eaves and gutters as well. And, if shingles fail, there is also the risk of interior damage to walls, beams, drywall and even furniture.

Three Things You May Not Know Your Roof Does

Most people never pause to think about how hard their roof works to make their lives better. Attic insulation in Barrie houses makes them feel more like home – a comfortable retreat from the sometimes exhausting and harsh world beyond the walls.

Here are three things your roof does better with the right amount of high-quality insulation.

  1. Controls Noise Transfer: Insulation provides a sound barrier that reduces noise transfer from traffic and neighborhood activity.
  2. Improves Temperature Management: A healthy roofing system keeps cool air in when you’re running the air conditioner and warm air inside during cold weather months.
  3. Extends the Life of Your Appliances: It makes sense that HVAC systems have to work less in a well-insulated home. However, extreme temperature fluctuations can affect how hard water heaters and refrigerators have to work. Reduces stress on appliances, improves life-expectancy.

Different Settings Require Different Insulation Types

There are several types of insulation, and each one works best under certain conditions. There are four general categories to choose from.

  • Blown-in insulation is great for an attic with small, divided sections.
  • Blanket insulation, those familiar batts and rolls of yellow or pink fluff, are most often used between rafters and trusses.
  • Cold insulation is recommended for attics that will not become finished living spaces.
  • Warm insulation is installed directly beneath the roof decking and provides a better heat barrier, making it ideal for attic living spaces.

Upgrading Attic Insulation In Barrie

Hiring a reputable contractor to help with your home energy upgrade ensures that your roofing system is inspected before the job begins. They can also help you choose the installation type and quality to maximize your cost savings for heating and cooling your home for years to come.