How to Get Ready for Your Roof Replacement

Having a worn or damaged roof replaced is essential for protecting your home from heat, cold, snow, rain, and other outdoor elements. A roof replacement is a major job that involves taking off your current roof and installing a brand new one. While this process is complex, you can do your part in making sure it goes as smoothly as possible with the right preparation. When you need roofing in Barrie for a roof replacement, you should do the following to get ready for it.

Prepare Inside Your Home

Getting your home interior ready for a roof replacement mainly involves protecting your attic, as well as your windows and any fragile items you have. Before your roofers arrive, you should clear out your attic if you use it for storage. Putting tarps or sheets on the floor of your attic makes it easier to clean up afterwards since this area tends to be covered in dust and debris during roof replacements.

When roofers are taking off your old roof, debris can accidentally hit your windows. Having them covered with boards might help protect them from scratches or other damage. Ask your roofers if they handle this kind of preparation.

You’ll need to protect your garage from dust and debris if your garage roof will also be replaced. Put tarps over items that might be damaged, and consider moving your vehicles out of the garage while work is being done.

While preparing your home interior for a roof replacement, you should take paintings, photo frames, and other items off the walls. Vibrations from roofing work can knock these items off the walls, which can cause damage. You should also protect fragile items, such as china sets or vases, from being knocked down due to vibrations.

Prepare Your Yard For Roofing In Barrie

Making sure the outside area around your home is ready for a roof replacement helps reduce the risk of damage. Before your roofers arrive, park your vehicles on the street if possible. This keeps your driveway open for your roofers.

If you have any patio furniture, toys, or other items in your yard, put these in the garage or in a storage shed. This removes possible tripping hazards and also protects these items from damage while roofing work is being done.

If you have a garden or trees in your yard, you’ll need to protect these as well. Mark delicate or fragile trees and plants, and make sure your roofers know to take extra care around them. Remove statues, birdhouses, and other items from your garden or yard to protect them from damage.

Prepare Pets and Children

Children and pets should stay inside while roofing work is being done. If you think the noise might be too much for them, make arrangements to have them stay with family or friends until your roof replacement is done. Make sure your home interior and yard are free of debris afterwards to reduce the risk of injuries to children and pets.

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