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How Often Should You Get Your Roof Inspected?

Your roof keeps your home or building well-protected from wind, storms and other elements, so that your interior stays safe and dry. To make sure that your roof is able to keep protecting your interior, it’s important to have it inspected from time to time. How often should you plan on scheduling roof inspections with Collingwood roofers?

Roofing Inspection Factors

Several factors help determine how often you should have roof inspections done. The material your roof is made from is one of the these factors. Certain materials might require more frequent inspections than others. For example, asphalt roofs and composite roofs typically need inspections done more often, such as at least once a year. Roofs made from more durable materials, such as ceramic roofs or metal roofs, might need inspections done at least every few years instead.

The age of your roof is another factor to consider. An older roof should have inspections done more often than newer roofs. Older roofs have a higher chance of having problems due to wear and tear that occurs or exposure to severe weather year after year. While newer roofs might not need inspections done as often, keep in mind that regular inspections can help keep them in excellent condition over the years. This helps reduce the risk of needing repairs or an early roof replacement. 

The components that make up your roof should also be considered when determining how often to have your roof inspected. In addition to shingles or tiles, your roof has other parts that require routine inspection, such as the flashing, gutters, underlay and trusses. These components can become worn or damaged over time, which can impact roof performance. Inspections ensure that these components all remain in good condition.

When to Have Roofing Inspections Done

No matter how old your roof is or what it’s made from, roofing inspections should ideally be done twice a year by experienced Collingwood roofers. When should you plan on having these inspections done? You can plan to have inspections done before severe weather usually hits, such as in spring before summer storms occur or in fall before winter weather arrives. This helps ensure that your roof is in good condition, which can reduce the risk of serious damage due to storms or bad weather.

Another option is to have roof inspections done after a storm or other severe weather occurs. Having an inspection done at this time can help determine if your roof has had any damage and how severe it is. You can then have repairs done as needed to restore your roof to optimal condition. 

If you’re not sure when to have inspections done or how often, reliable roofers can help you figure out the right inspection schedule for your roof. Professional roofers will take the age of your roof, its general condition and the material it’s made from into consideration when determining this schedule.

Schedule Roofing Inspections with Collingwood Roofers

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