How Much Money Will You Save Insulating Your Attic? A Whole Lot

Insulating your home’s attic isn’t a small undertaking, but it’s a reasonable project that can save you a lot of money. Here’s a look at just how much you might save by getting attic insulation in Barrie, Ontario.

Multiple Sources of Savings From New Insulation

Insulating your attic provides financial returns in multiple ways. The upgrade will likely pay for itself immediately (see Resale), and the savings can add up to substantially more than your initial investment if you keep the house awhile.

Lower Heating Costs by 30 Percent

The most obvious and immediate savings that attic insulation provides come in the form of lower heating bills. High-quality insulation can reduce heating costs by as much as 30 percent, and that adds up when installing attic insulation in Barrie homes.

U.S. regulators estimate that our southern neighbours will spend an average of $595 USD ($757 CAD) on natural gas or $1,646 ($2,121 CAD) on heating oil this winter. When translated to Canadian currency, 30-percent savings would amount to $227 CAD or $636 CAD just this year.

Of course, those numbers are based on U.S. heating costs. Costs in Ontario tend to be significantly higher (especially compared to southern states), and that only increases the savings that attic insulation provides.

You could save $1,000 or $2,500 CAD in just four years, depending on which type of heating your home uses.

Increase the Longevity of Your Home’s Roof

A sometimes overlooked benefit is that attic insulation can increase the longevity of a home’s roof. In particular, insulation could help maintain the condition of your roof if you regularly see ice dams or large icicles on the roof.

Ice dams and icicles can cause water to back up, possibly seeping beneath a roof’s shingles. The water creates leaks that can damage shingles, sub roofing and even attic insulation over time.

Exactly how many years attic insulation will extend your roof’s life span depends on many factors. The way your home is positioned, the quality of your roofing materials, and how many ice dams currently form are just a few of the details that can impact the effect.

Be sure that the attic insulation will have a positive effect on your roof’s longevity if you currently see ice build-up, though. Even a moderate lengthening of the roof’s life span could translate to thousands of dollars saved eventually.

Higher Resale Value When You Move

Whenever you move, you’ll enjoy a higher resale value. Homeowners are often willing to pay an additional $1,446 USD ($1,864 CAD) for a home that has great insulation. That could make insulation instantly pay for itself, even if you sell the house immediately.

Get Attic Insulation for Barrie, Ontario Homes

Altogether, you could be looking at a net savings of more than $2,000 in just one year from installing high-quality attic insulation. If you take on this project, however, you want someone who knows how to choose attic insulation for Barrie homes. A local, experienced installer will know what insulation will have the best effect for your cold-climate home. To speak with a local and experienced attic insulation installer, contact us at Anger Group Roofing and Exteriors. One of our specialists will be happy to discuss your home’s insulation needs.