How Much Can You Save with the Right Insulation?

If you are looking for attic insulation in Barrie, Ontario, Ainger Roofing can help you optimize energy efficiency while cutting your utility bills. But just how much money can you save with the proper insulation? Read on to find out more!

The Right Time to Think About Insulating Your Home is Now

No matter what the season, you can reduce your monthly household energy costs by stepping up your insulation game. You might be amazed to discover how well quality insulation can trap heat inside your home in the winter and maximize your air conditioning in the summer.

Because numerous factors will ultimately impact your bottom line when it comes to heating and cooling your home, assigning a specific numeric value to the final energy savings of your insulation project may be quite difficult. In addition to your local climate, and desired comfort level, the relative efficiency level of your HVAC system can make all the difference when it comes to your overall heating/cooling expenditures.

However, there are many ways to gain a solid understanding of the savings you can expect after installing quality insulation according to industry standards. By contacting insulation contractors such as the professionals at Ainger Roofing, you can get an expert estimation, either in person or online.

Estimate the Potential Savings for Virtually Any Insulation Project

Another great way to estimate the final value of your proposed insulation work is to access a trustworthy and targeted estimation calculator. The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA) offers a particularly effective way to calculate your future insulation savings with its free and easy-to-use Insulation Savings Calculator.

Simply enter all relevant data into its Insulation Savings Calculator. Some key data categories to consider include the size of your home, your current energy expenditures, average local grand the total number of square feet that you will be covering with new insulation. By filling out all available fields with accurate information, you can get a relatively precise idea of exactly how much you stand to save!

Ways to Stretch Your Savings as Far as Possible

Beyond the installation of insulation in your attic and elsewhere, you can both save money and lower your overall carbon footprint by sealing all leaks that allow warm air to escape in the winter and cold air to escape in the winter. Caulking and weatherstripping are just two ways to seal these leaks and make a positive impact on your energy efficiency.

You can also boost your overall energy efficiency by trading your old windows for modern-double paned windows that are filled with insulating gas. You may also want to consider upgrading other home fixtures such as replacing outmoded incandescent light bulbs with new, environmentally-conscious compact fluorescents.

Attic Insulation in Barrie 

In truth, there are many ways to get more out of your HVAC system and cut your average utility costs. When it comes to optimizing your insulation, the best way forward is to speak to a trusted insulation professional.

For an honest and accurate estimation of your unique and specific attic insulation needs, contact the skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Ainger Roofing today. We have a reputation of providing the highest quality insulation services in the greater Barrie, Ontario area at prices that are incredibly affordable. Let us help you get the very highest energy savings return on your insulation investment!