Horizontal Or Vertical, Which Siding Is Better For My Home?

When you need to choose new siding for your home, you’ll have several decisions to make in terms of material and style. One of the key decisions you’ll make is choosing between horizontal or vertical siding. While you explore your options for siding in Barrie, consider the following information on horizontal and vertical styles. 


Vertical siding can give your home a visually striking appearance and boost its curb appeal. Not all homes have this kind of siding, so your home is more likely to stand out from the surrounding homes. Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose vertical siding for your entire exterior. You can use it on certain areas of your exterior to get the look you want for your home.

Many homes have horizontal siding, since this offers a timeless and traditional look. When you have this kind of siding, your home is more likely to blend in or complement the surrounding houses in your area, which creates a more uniform appearance. 


The installation process can affect how long it takes to have your siding put on and how much it will cost. For horizontal siding, the installation process is relatively quick overall, which can keep costs down. You should also have an easier time finding experienced siding professionals to install it, which helps ensure proper installation.

Vertical siding might take longer to install, since it’s less common than horizontal siding. This can lead to higher costs due to increased time and labor. You might also have a harder time making sure you find experienced siding professionals to install it. However, having vertical siding installed might not be as time-consuming if you’re only having part of your exterior done rather than all or most of it.


Siding helps protect the interior of your home from water damage due to rain or snow, so it’s important to ensure that it’s durable and high-quality. Horizontal siding can let water in more easily with its design, which leads to interior leaks, although this is more likely to happen if it’s not properly installed and maintained over the years.

Vertical siding has a lower chance of allowing water to get inside due to its design. While vinyl siding offers easier maintenance, it’s still important to make sure you have it properly installed. Both horizontal and vertical siding can have high durability and last for years depending on the material you choose and a proper installation process.


When you have a budget for new siding, you’ll need to consider cost. Horizontal siding typically has a lower cost than vertical siding mainly due to the installation process. Vertical siding often costs more, since installation can take longer and be more complex.

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