Fall Home Maintenance Checklist from Our Collingwood Roofing Experts

With fall and winter just around the corner, it’s important to get together your maintenance checklist to ensure your home is ready for the weather. At Ainger Group, our team of Collingwood roofing experts understand the most important preparation procedures and can help you and your home get started on the right foot.

Take a look at some exterior and interior preparation tips below.

Exterior Preparation for Fall in Collingwood 

Roof – It’s important to get your roof inspected before fall when more constant rain can start to hit. You should ensure that there are no loose or missing shingles, as well as no areas with potential leaks. If you notice any, contact a Collingwood roofing company as soon as possible.

Foundation and Masonry – Take a walk around your home and check the foundation for cracks and problematic areas — especially the areas where pipes enter your home. If gaps and cracks are present, moisture can enter your home and lead to mold growth.

Paint and Siding – Keep an eye out for peeling or rough spots. Although fixing these areas is great for aesthetics, it also prevents rot, water, and mold. Remember, once the weather is cold and rainy, it will likely be too late to touch up your paint.

Interior Preparation for Fall

Ceiling Fans – One of the best ways to keep your Collingwood home warm is reversing the direction of your ceiling fans. This little trick will push warm air clustered near the ceiling downward and increase the temperature of your home.

Attic & Basement – Check the vents and filters in your attic and make sure they’re in good shape. Also, keep an eye out for any animals or rodents that might have created a nest during the summer.

Afterward, head down to your basement and make sure it is dry and well-insulated. If you have any important valuables, double-check that they’re raised off the floor to keep them free from potential water damage.

HVAC, Furnace, Fireplace & Chimney – It’s important to keep your HVAC, furnace, fireplace, and chimney up to speed and conduct any repairs before fall hits. The last thing you want is to realize your systems are having trouble keeping your house warm right when the cold weather hits.

Ainger Group Is Here
If you’re looking for help getting your home and roof ready for the fall weather, contact our Collingwood roofing contractors today. Our team can guide you through the process every step of the way, from material selection to preventative measures to keep your home in top shape. Contact us today at 705-444-5712 for more information.