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Don’t Let These Common Summertime Roofing Problems Go Unnoticed

Summer is the season of recreation, but also the season of outdoor maintenance. With the extreme temperatures and weather conditions that come with summertime, it’s important to keep an eye on your property for any potential problems. Your roof can be especially susceptible to issues, so let’s take a look at 5 common problems so you know when to call a Barrie roofing company for repairs.

Barrie Roofing company Ainger shows that lack of maintenance can lead to roof leaks.

High Temperatures

The high temperatures in the summer can cause your roof to expand and contract, leading to cracks and other damage. This can also cause your shingles to curl up and break over time. To prevent this, especially if you live in a hot climate, make sure your roof is properly ventilated to release the excess heat and avoid any long term damage. It’s also a good idea to schedule an annual maintenance checkup with a professional Barrie roofing company to identify and address any potential issues.

Heavy Rain and Wind

Summer storms can bring heavy rain and wind, and if your roofing materials aren’t in good shape, they can easily be damaged or dislodged. Loose or missing shingles can lead to leaks and water damage inside your home. To prevent this, make sure that your shingles and other roofing materials are firmly attached to the roof. Proper maintenance and regular inspections can help you identify any potential problems and address them before they cause serious damage.

Moss and Algae Growth

Warm weather and moisture can provide an ideal environment for moss and algae to grow on your roof, especially if there are areas of shade or poor ventilation. These organisms can damage the roofing material and lead to leaks and other issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent moss and algae growth. 

Overhanging Trees

Trees can provide much-needed shade during the summer months alongside their positive environmental impact, but overhanging branches can cause damage to your roof if left untended. Leaves can clog your gutters, while falling branches can damage shingles and supports, leading to leaks and other issues. Regular trimming can help prevent this problem, but it’s important to hire a professional if you have large or hard-to-reach branches.

Critter Infestations

Insects and other pests are more active during the summer months and can easily find their way into your home through holes or other damage in your roof. They can also damage roofing materials and insulation, leading to more serious problems. If you notice a high volume of pests flying around your roof, take a closer look for any signs of nests or damage caused by them. Professional pest control services can help you address the issue and prevent future infestations.

Barrie Roofing Solutions

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and it’s important to take good care of it, especially during the summer months. By identifying and addressing common summertime roofing problems, you’ll be able to avoid more serious issues down the road. Regular maintenance and inspections by a professional roofing contractor can help you keep your roof in good shape and provide the protection you need.