How Metal Roofing Cuts Waste & Improves Energy Efficiency

It might not seem like it at first glance, but metal roofing has many benefits over alternative roofing materials. That’s why more homes and businesses are choosing to enlist the services of a metal roofing contractor. As one of the area’s leading residential and commercial roofing experts, Ainger Roofing is no stranger to the benefits of metal roofing, so they’ve shared some of them for you below. Here are a few reasons why metal roofing has become so popular nowadays. Recyclability One of the primary reasons why metal roofs are such a favorite these days is because they drastically cuts

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What’s the Difference Between Commercial & Residential Roofs?

Unless you’re a business owner yourself, you may have never thought about the difference between commercial and residential roofs. Although not always the case, there are quite a few things that differentiate the former from the latter and will impact the amount of maintenance and frequency of repairs. As one of the area’s leading commercial and residential roofing contractors, the team from Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors has outfitted hundreds of homes and businesses with affordable roofing services. Below, they’ve collected some valuable information for you to determine precisely what type of roofing services you’ll need. 3 Differences Between Commercial

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A Guide to Roofing Repair Projects

When you require the repair of your roofing system, you’ll immediately notice an impact on your home. Whether its home leaks or changes to your home heating and cooling bills, problems associated with your roof must be repaired immediately. To help guide you regarding roofing repair work, we’ll highlight the most common issues in this new post. Gutter cleaning When debris blocks the flow of water and causes water to either settle directly on the roof or to pour down after a period of heavy rain, it’s time to have the gutter surrounding your home cleaned. Guttering can become clogged

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The Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Repair Company

Hiring a local roofing repair company can help protect you against many of the challenges other homeowners have faced in maintaining their properties. Our team at Ainger Group Roofing and Exteriors has many years’ experience in the local roofing repair industry, and we’re here to help guide you about the benefits of hiring a local professional. Compliance When repairing a home roof, companies must be aware of the local building codes and bylaws that may prevent them from completing certain types of work and taking on loud work at specific times in the day. Working with a local company improves

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Our Contractors Offer A Guide to Metal Roofing Options

The durability and versatility of metal roofing make metal systems one of the more popular options for residential property owners throughout the region. If you’re considering a roofing upgrade in the future, you can learn more about the value of the metal roofing options from our contractors in this latest post. Stone-coated metal roofing Stone-coated metal roofing systems are a great option for homes in which a textured appeal is required. These systems look similar to premium architectural shingles and are designed to be extra-durable with the addition of special coatings derived from stone or concrete. As with other metal

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Preventing Skylight Leaks and Accidents in The Winter

Winters can be very hard on roofs, therefore there are lots of reasons a person may need to call in a residential roofing company for repair jobs.  However, one feature more than any other seems to cause problems in the winter: skylights. Skylights can be a beautiful addition to a home, and a wonderful way to add natural light – but they tend to fare poorly in cold and wet conditions. Unless properly maintained, skylights can be a source of leaks in the winter or even cause ice dams to form.  Here’s what you need to know to prevent this!

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Is Your Home Susceptible to Ice Dams in The Winter?

Ask any Collingwood roofing company, and they’ll tell you that winter is probably the hardest season on a roof.  Between the fluctuating temperatures, and all the freezing precipitation, there’s a lot that could go wrong during those cold months – and ice dams on your roof can be one of the biggest problems.  Left unchecked, they can ruin your gutters, damage tiles, or eat away at the edges of your roof. It is also a sign that there may be a mold growing in your attic from the condensation. Here’s everything you need to know about ice dams, and how

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What Are Common Problem Areas A Residential Roofing Company Deals With?

Roofs are more complicated than you might think; they are not just a bunch of shingles or metal strips! They actually involve several layers and various fittings to help ensure everything connects seamlessly to form an air and watertight seal. This seal not only protects your family but also protects all the way down to your home’s foundation. Of course, that also means there are plenty of parts of a roof that a Collingwood residential roofing company might need to repair.  It’s also a good idea for homeowners to know about these problem areas, so they can keep an eye

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