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We at Ainger Roofing are a family business that has been serving Owen Sound and the extended Grey-Bruce – Bruce Peninsula region, for over 30 years. Our roofing solutions extend through the entire roofing system that is based on all facets of the roofing system.

We have the experience and expertise to deal with all your roofing system needs and that has allowed us to surpass the competition through our pride in workmanship and dedication to excellence.

The foundation of our business is in residential and commercial roofing. We have demonstrated time again that our services and solutions have no equal.

We specialize in roof maintenance, roof repair and roof replacement that has produced satisfied customers in the Owen Sound area. Whether your roof is sloped, flat or metal, we have a roofing system that will solve any problems that you are experiencing.

As part of what we do, we provide extra attention to details that other roofing companies do not. Eavestrough replacement, blown-in attic insulation and skylights are part of our services that help protect your home and improve the curbside appeal. If an emergency arises and your roof needs attention immediately, we can respond to your problem quickly with technicians that carry years of experience dealing with emergency situations.

Keeping up with regular roof maintenance is the key to avoiding costly roof repairs or worse yet a roof replacement. Our technical experts can perform an internal and external inspection of your roof that will recognize small problems before they become major headaches. Ainger Roofing have been devising roofing maintenance plans for many years and those plans have extended the life of many roofs through corrective maintenance.

If our inspection of your roofing system has produced some unwanted results and repairs need to be made. Our man in the field will explain the type or types of repairs that are required and the cost associated with making the repairs. A simple repair might require some shingles be replaced, while other repairs might be more serious depending on the damage the roof has sustained.

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The age of your roof will dictate whether a repair will suffice or a complete replacement is the right decision. We can recommend a roofing solution for an older roof, and generally it is best to replace it. The technology of an older roofing system is now obsolete and a decision to replace the roofing system can yield savings now and in the future over a short-term fix. When replacing a roof that has two layers of shingles, it will have to be stripped to the roof decking to meet current regulatory building codes for homes. With the decking exposed, a quick inspection and damage assessment can be conducted and decking sheets can be replaced before a new roof is applied to structure.

For commercial roofing solutions in Owen Sound, Ainger Roofing is using state-of-the-art materials that have modernized the roofing industry and Ainger Roofing is at the forefront of those applications. Ainger Roofing uses NaturaSeal an industry approved product to provide the best possible cover for the top of your home that will extend the life of your roof. Cutting corners will cost money later because a roofing system done on the cheap won’t last.

When Ainger Roofing in Owen Sound installs sloped, flat or metal roofs we go above and beyond industry standards to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that the best practices have been used to complete their roofing solution. Using best practices adds to the life of the roofing solution you have chosen and gets the most out of the materials that have been used providing value for money that the imitators can’t.

Heating costs can be attributed to a number of factors, but the single biggest factor in rising costs is lack of insulation. In 40 per cent of the cases where heat loss has been detected, inadequate or no insulation has been the culprit for cost increases.

Ris The best time for a top up is when you are having your roof replaced and we can bring your attic up to an R50 rating. If the roofing system is in a state of good repair, we can gain access to the attic through the interior and blow insulation into your attic with minimal disruptions.

Many roofs today have skylights and Ainger Roofing in Owen Sound are the best installers in the region. If you have an existing skylight and you are having your roof replaced it is best to replace the skylight also. The caulking around the skylight is subjected to the sun’s harmful rays that cause the caulking to shrink and that is the number one cause of leaks from you skylight.

A roofing system, if functioning properly will keep residents warm and dry in the event of heavy rain showers. The most important element to the roofing system is the eavestrough. It channels water away from the roof and away from your foundation; if the eavestrough is working as designed it will prevent damage from standing water accumulating on your roof or at the base of your home. Ainger Roofing in Owen Sound has installed eavestroughs to work in conjunction with roofing systems on all types of buildings.

Ainger Roofing in Owen Sound and surrounding areas will provide reliable emergency service immediately to deal with the fallout of any problem and take action to keep the damage to a minimum.

To obtain a roofing system consultation from our experts. You can reach us by phone at 705-444-5712. We provide a free estimate with no obligation for all our customers.

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