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We at Ainger Roofing are a family-run company that has been servicing Owen Sound and the extended BrucePeninsula – Grey-Bruce region, for over 30 years. Our roofing services take into account the complete roofing system, examining all facets of your current roofing system.

We have the expertise and experience to take care of all roofing needs. This experience has allowed us to surpass our competition through our dedication to excellence and careful workmanship.

Our business deals with both residential and commercial roofing systems. Our experience and attention to detail demonstrate that our solutions and services are unparelled.

Whether it be: roof replacements, roofing repairs, or general roof maintenance, our Owen Sound customers have been completely satisfied with the roofing solutions we have provided. Whether your roof is a flat roof, metal or sloped roofing system flat. Our Owen Sound roofing contractors feel confident in their abilities to solve your roofing problems.

Ainger Roofing provides attention to detail that our competitors will not. Home siding installation, blown-in attic insulation, facia, and eavestrough replacement, are other services we offer that will protect your house.

Regular roof maintenance is vital to ensure you can avoid expensive repairs or an entire replacement of your roof. Our roofing contractors will perform an external and internal inspection of your roof. This inspection will pinpoint smaller issues before they become larger roofing problems. Ainger Roofing has been designing maintenance plans for roofs for over 28 years.

Our roof inspectors will walk you through the repairs, options, and costs that would be associated with the overall results of your roofing inspection. In a lot of cases, the repairs require some simple fixes or replacements. In other cases, the results maybe more extensive and require a large-scale project. In either scenario, our roofing contractors have the knowledge and experience to handle all the tasks required in an efficient and professional manner.

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    Your roof’s age will be a primary determining factor in assessing whether a complete roof replacement or repairs will be adequate. Something to consider is older roofing systems and the technology behind them have become increasingly obsolete, and your decisions to replace your roof now vs a series of repairs to address the short-term issues could have long term cost savings.

    Ainger Roofing is using state-of-the-art materials that have modernized the roofing industry and Ainger Roofing is at the forefront of those applications. Ainger Roofing uses NaturaSeal an industry approved product to provide the best possible cover for the top of your home that will extend the life of your roof. Cutting corners will cost money later because a roofing system done on the cheap won’t last.

    Sloped, flat, or metal roofs, our roofing contractors surpass industry standards, providing our clients with the knowledge that the best practices have been used on their roofs. Our experience and knowledge can add years to the lifespan of the roofing system.

    A properly functioning roofing system will keep your home dry and warm in the heaviest of storms. The eavestrough is one of the most important elements of your roofing system as it is responsible for directing water away from your roof and your home’s foundation. If your eavestrough is in proper working order then it will help prevent damage that your roof or home could experience from standing water. Ainger Roofing will install eavestroughs for your home that work hand in hand with your roofing system.

    Ainger Roofing in Owen Sound and surrounding areas will provide reliable emergency service immediately to deal with the fallout of any problem and take action to keep the damage to a minimum.

    To obtain a roofing system consultation from our experts. You can reach us by phone at 705-444-5712. We provide a free estimate with no obligation for all our customers.

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