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Our team at Ainger Roofing has been providing excellent service by our trained professional Collingwood roofing contractors for over 28 years. Serving the greater Georgian triangle; Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Owen Sound, Midland, Hanover. We provide solutions for maintenance and repairs for every type of structure.

A complete and full-service company that will address any roofing problems or concerns that you might have. Providing: roof repair, roof maintenance, and complete roof replacement.

Our Teams are prepared and equipped to complete the jobs on flat roofs or sloped roofs, we can top up your attic insulation, or install your home siding and eavestroughs.

Your home is an investment and requires protection, attention, and maintenance. Our Collingwood roofers will provide you with a thorough external and internal inspection of your roof. We will work with you to make assessments of the overall condition of your roof and inform you if your roofing system is functioning as designed.
Once our inspection is completed, and all the issues have been outlined. Our Collingwood Roofers will explain any issues or problems, and exactly what the costs and the solutions might be associated with your repairs. It could very well be as easy as having some of your shingles replaced or perhaps a larger project that requires more work if the issues are extending through a greater section of your roof. If it’s determined that repairs will not be able to correct the problem then, roof replacement becomes the required job.

Our team of professionals will provide options that outline a solution for your roof that will align with your current needs and also ensure the best long-term solution for your roof. If your roof was re-shingled, our team will need to strip it down to follow building codes, and also so we can inspect the decking and ensure its integrity. The age of your roof will play a big part in deciding on whether or not you need to replace your roof. If you have an older roof, it may be more cost-effective just to replace the old roofing system than to engage in temporary smaller repairs. Our Collingwood roofing contractors will help and advise you on the best course of action.

Ainger Roofing has installed numerous sloped roofs by following the industry-standard approach that providing the best results for your roofs overall lifespan

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    Heat loss of up to 40 percent can be directly linked to poor or insufficient insulation.

    A correctly insulated attic should have the same temperatures inside and outside. It’s our recommendation to our customers consider addressing their blown-in attic insulation issues while they are replacing their roof. If we determine that the roof is in good shape and an insulation top-up is all that is required then, we will blow the insulation into the attic through the attic’s internal access.

    The eavestrough is one of the main factors of your roofing system. Huge amounts of water can be dropped on your roof during heavy rainstorms and your eavestrough is what is running all that water running it off and away from your home’s foundation. We can provide eavestrough and the right solutions for all roofing systems and needs.

    Ainger Roofing has been providing roofing service in Collingwood greater Georgian Triangle region for over 28 years.

    Ainger Roofing customers get a free no-obligation estimate. Call us at 705-444-5712 to schedule your free estimate.

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