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Providing excellent service by trained professionals that put your interests first is what we at Ainger Roofing in Collingwood have been doing for over 28 years. Serving Collingwood, Barrie, Owen Sound, Midland, Hanover & Guelph, we have been providing our customers with roofing solutions and repairs for all types of structures.

We are a full service roofing company and we can address any problems that come your way. We provide roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof replacement.

We can work on sloped roofs or flat roofs, insulate your attic, install skylights and eavestroughs, and if the need arises we provide emergency service when necessary.

Protecting your home investment requires attention and a roofing maintenance plan is a prudent financial decision. Our team of roofing experts can provide an internal and external roof inspection. We will make determinations on the condition of your exterior coating and check to see if your roofing system is working as designed.

After an inspection, problems have been identified that need to be addressed. Our inspector will explain the problems, the solutions and the costs associated with the repair. The roofing solution might be as simple as replacing a few shingles or more work will be required to make repairs if the damage is spread through the roofing system. If a repair can’t solve the roofing problem, replacing the entire roof becomes a necessity.

Our service expert can provide suggestions that will create a roofing solution to fit your needs now and in the future. If your roof has been re-shingled – two layers of shingles, it will have to be stripped down to the decking to conform to the building code, and the decking can be inspected for damage. Age plays a large part in the decision to replace your roof, and Ainger Roofing can advise you on the best course of action. For older roofs it may be more economical to replace the old roofing system than engaging in patchwork repairs.

Over time, we at Ainger Roofing have installed many, many sloped roofs with industry-standard techniques that provide the best results for extending roof life and protect our customers’ homes. Frugality comes with a price and work done on the cheap will only shorten the life span of your roofing system.

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For commercial roofing solutions in Collingwood, Ainger Roofing is using state-of-the-art materials that have modernized the roofing industry and Ainger Roofing is at the forefront of those applications. Ainger Roofing uses NaturaSeal an industry approved product to provide the best possible cover for the top of your home that will extend the life of your roof. Cutting corners will cost money later because a roofing system done on the cheap won’t last.

Home improvement experts say that heat loss of up to 40 per cent is directly related to inadequate insulation.

A properly insulated attic should be the same temperature inside as outside if it isn’t it is time to call Ainger Roofing. We have an insulation top-up program that can bring your insulation up to R50, and we recommend that our customers address their insulation issues when replacing their roof. If the roof is sound and all that is required is an insulation top-up, we blow insulation into the attic through internal access to the attic.

A skylight can improve the quality of your internal environment with natural light and we at Ainger Roofing can brighten up your life with an installation of a skylight on your roof. If you don’t have a skylight, we can install one when your roof is being replaced or if you have a skylight a replacement might be required due to shrinkage of the rubber seals around the skylight that have been exposed to harmful UV rays. Shrinking rubber seals is the number one cause of leaks in a skylight and it is always best to replace it when problems start.

A key component of any roofing system is the eavestrough. Heavy rainstorms drop gallons of water on your roof and the eavestrough is responsible for running it off your roof and away from your foundation when working optimally. We can provide eavestrough to all roofing systems that are the right solution with quality workmanship.

Your roof has been hit by lightning or had a tree fall on to it during a windstorm and you need help right away?

Your friends Ainger Roofing have been providing emergency roofing service in Collingwood and local services areas reliably and quickly to stop the problem dead in its’ tracks.

Call us at: 705-444-5712 to shop for the ultimate roofing solution in Collingwood from the best in the business. We offer all our customers a free estimate that comes with no obligations and in-house consultation from our experts

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How did you find us?