A Guide to Roofing Repair Projects

When you require the repair of your roofing system, you’ll immediately notice an impact on your home. Whether its home leaks or changes to your home heating and cooling bills, problems associated with your roof must be repaired immediately. To help guide you regarding roofing repair work, we’ll highlight the most common issues in this new post.

Gutter cleaning

When debris blocks the flow of water and causes water to either settle directly on the roof or to pour down after a period of heavy rain, it’s time to have the gutter surrounding your home cleaned. Guttering can become clogged with leaves, tree branches, birds’ nests and other materials and these clogs must be removed quickly to mitigate the impact on the home.

Shingle breakages

The shingles on your roof are designed to last for several years, but during poor weather and after contact with debris, shingles can be cracked. This then allows moisture and ice to settle on the roof below. It’s important after a wind storm to check whether you have missing or broken shingles. Try to walk a few meters away from the property and look over the roof to check for damage. If possible, you might also use a ladder to get a closer look at the roof and the damage caused.

Fascia replacement

The fascia is the element underneath the shingles that protects the edges of the roof against potential damage. Typically, this area of the roof is constructed with wooden boards. These wooden boards may experience water damage over time, due to either moisture from within the home or water that has seeped below the shingles. Over time, if this water damage is not mitigated, it can lead to rotting and mold, which then require the entire system to be replaced. Make sure you have a roofing repair team inspect the fascia annually to ensure your home is in the ideal condition.

Our trusted and experienced roofing maintenance experts can help you safeguard your roof and your home for the years to come. To discover more about our company and our roofing work, please call our team directly for a consultation.