4 Fall Skylight Maintenance Tips

A skylight is a great way to add natural light to your home. But some Collingwood homeowners often forget that a skylight must also be properly maintained in order to remain a safe, functional part of the household.

It is essential to check your skylight during the fall, before the harsh winter weather sets in. The experts at Ainger Roofing have put together a list of things to help you do this.

  1. Check for signs of leaking

Leaks can often occur when there is damage to the flashing around your skylight. This means that water and other unwanted elements will make their way inside your home. It is important to identify problems with your flashing before the weather turns, making it more difficult for Collingwood roofing professionals to repair your skylight.

2. Clean the glass

Cleaning your skylight will keep it clear of debris and reduce wear and tear, maintaining this beautiful feature of your home. Collingwood roofing experts recommend cleaning your skylight at a time of the day that is not too hot.

3. Ensure the glass is intact

Due to its position on your roof, skylights are constantly at risk of breaking by way of fallen tree branches or other heavy elements. The fall is a great time to check the glass in your skylight, before the winter causes freezing on your roof, making the glass even more fragile. The last thing Collingwood homeowners want is snow or ice falling through their skylight.

Glass breakage is not something that homeowners should attempt to repair on their own. It is important to call a Collingwood roofing company to repair your skylight if your glass appears to have cracks or breaks.

4. Check the gears and motors in your skylight

Whether your skylight opens automatically by motor or you crank it open by hand-operated gears, it’s important to ensure these elements are functioning properly. Although homeowners are not likely to be opening their skylight much in the winter, it’s essential to make sure all the elements are working before they sit still during the cold months.

Ainger Roofing Can Help

Is your skylight in need of a check-up or repair before winter sets in? The experts at Collingwood’s Ainger Roofing are here to ensure your skylight is ready for the cold weather. Call us today at 705-444-5712!